Bright & Beautiful – Facial Exfoliant Powder



Way to make your skin Bright & Beautiful!

Forget face scrubs that dry your face out, or feel too heavy, or are too harsh, or not scrubby enough. This facial exfoliant powder lets you control how much scrub you want! To use the basic scrub, use a pinch of powder and mix with a drop of water in between palms, then rub into wet skin. Sugar polishes and refines skin texture, while bamboo stem powder provides super powerful exfoliation, and jojoba pearls gently buffs the skin. To soothe skin after all that scrubbing, we’ve added some oat powder to soothe and calm the skin. If you prefer a gentle scrub, try mixing the powder with a splash of face oil, or a dollop of face cream. If you like a powerful scrub, try mixing with a mud mask or with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It’s truly suitable for all skin types!

This Lovely exfoliant powder is cruelty free and vegan. All of our Lovely products are made by hand in Sheffield and tested only on Lovely human beings.

Try following up your scrub with one of our Lovely facial oils.

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